Program PSOE Xàbia 2023/2027

The recent period we have lived through has not been easy. Together, we have successfully dealt with severe storms, floods, the COVID-19 pandemic and the sharp rise in prices caused by the war in Europe.

This has impacted some of the plans we had for Xàbia, but we are proud to have maintained the most important things: the care for our people and the great coexistence of the 92 nationalities who share our town.

That is why we have reduced the IBI by 17%, eliminated the rubbish tax for everyone and allocated well over 23 million euros in aid for Xàbia businesses and employment plans, to ensure that no one loses their job.

We have also launched a public housing plan for social rental that will consist of 153 homes, of which already 64 have completed the approval procedures.

Thanks to our actions, today Xàbia’s unemployment rate is below the Spanish average. We are the town in the province of Alicante, that has created the most new businesses, in addition to attracting more and more people who want to live and invest here. This can only be achieved through stability, trust, and transparency.

For the next 4 years, the essence of our policy will be sustainability. We intend to take care of Xàbia and that is why we are going to protect 10 million m2 in the general plan that is about to be approved. That is why we will also continue taking care of the sea and regulating access to the coves and beaches.

We will also continue to protect the urbanisations with plans and measures to combat fires.

In addition, to making the Montañar promenade more accessible, we have approved the project that will open Calle Génova between the Arenal and the Port, where it will meet a new square that we will create next to the sports pavilion and the municipal swimming pool.

To put an end to the flooding of the Arenal we will create a floodable park in the Saladar area, such as already exists in other European cities. In addition, also on the Arenal, next to the Fontana canal, we will build the new Museum of the Sea.

In addition, we believe that sport and culture are essential elements for the quality of life. Thus, we will renovate the Campo de les Mesquides, in the Port, and will create the new Freginal covered pavilion, furthermore, we will provide Xàbia with more facilities, such as an athletics track that will be installed next to the soccer field.

To travel between the sports centres, reduce traffic and improve safety, we will reinforce the network of bike lanes between the sports venues.

Xàbia will continue to be a cultural benchmark thanks to the programming of music, performances, cinema, routes, and exhibitions 52 weeks a year. To reinforce this, we will convert the Central Cinema into a multipurpose facility, putting it at the service of our residents.

And, of course, we will go ahead and complete the Municipal Auditorium, as the courts have now proven us right on two occasions.

Today we have more strength, more experience, and more enthusiasm than ever, and we want to continue the path of success and stability at your side.

Xàbia, let’s make it extraordinary!