For us, you and your
well-being come first

José Chulvi
Candidato a la alcaldía de Xàbia

José Chulvi

Dear friends,

This has been a difficult legislature. But what can I tell you that you don't already know?

In 2020, the whole world was halted by a pandemic that did us so much damage, personally and economically. Then just as we were recovering, the war in Ukraine caused a deep social and price crisis in Europe.

This has also affected us in Xàbia, but even so we have reasons to be proud of our town. Because the more complicated things got, we showed that we didn't leave anyone behind.

We take care of our people, and above all, we put our people first.

Proof of this are the more than 13 million euros - the largest aid plan in the history of Xàbia - to ensure that the economy did not grind to a halt and that companies and families were able to sustain the effects of the crisis.

Thanks to these measures, we have now generated more employment than the Spanish average, and we are the only town in the province where the most, new companies have been created. This would not have been possible without stability, good sense and confidence.

In addition, to fight against inflation, we eliminated the rubbish tax (from 125 euros to 0) and we have lowered the IBI by 17%. Because for us, you and your well-being come first.

On the other hand, we have carried out historical projects that we were told were impossible, do you remember? I am talking about the municipal swimming pool that we have been fighting for since 2007 and about removing the cars from the Montañar to restore the beach for our residents. And to manage access to our coves and protect the seabed. To redesign the educational and sports infrastructures of Xàbia for the next twenty years.

We are aware that some things have fallen by the wayside and that much work remains to be done. That is why I want to tell you that I am running again as a candidate for mayor, with more strength and more enthusiasm than ever. Surrounded by a renewed team: hard-working men and women who love their town and who can be trusted; a candidacy that represents our people.

Therefore, if you place your trust in us once again, from May we will continue working by your side so that Xàbia continues to be extraordinary.

José Chulvi
Alcalde de Xàbia