PSOE Xàbia: "The top priority of the next legislature is to guarantee access to housing"

The candidate for re-election as mayor announces the construction of 118 apartments for social rent and describes the project as the "first step in the creation of a public housing park"< /p>

The PSOE of Xàbia has today presented the lines of its electoral program in the matter of social housing, an issue that will be of "highest priority" for the party and for the candidate for re-election Jose Chulvi.

Chulvi has appeared alongside Montse Villaverde and Sergio Camarasa, the youngest member of the socialist candidacy and who has explained the problems his generation is experiencing in this matter. "In Xàbia you have two options. "Either you inherit or you have to go to another town because there is no one here who can pay rent" pointed out Camarasa, who described this situation as a "double drama: on the one hand for people who want to live he can't do it here and he has to break his life and work plans, and for another for Xàbia as a town because of the loss of human and social capital it means".

The candidate at the mayor's office, Jose Chulvi, agreed that "access to housing is the great challenge. An emergency that we must act on if we do not want our town to become inaccessible for its people" "We cannot allow the people from here to go and live in other towns in the Marina Alta. There is no economic return to compensate or justify this," he stressed.

Chulvi has admitted that the very success of Xàbia as a tourist destination and the attraction for investments from all over the world - which has so many positive aspects, on the other hand - "leaves us as a consequence that many neighbors, especially the most young people and working families cannot access a decent house due to the purchase and rental price". Even employers find it difficult to find workers because they cannot afford to live in Xàbia, he said.

This is why the main objective of the next legislature will be to create a public housing stock. A park that already has a very important first step underway: the construction by the Generalitat of 118 flats for social rent on the municipal plots that the City Council has made available in the Pou del Moro sectors (near the Trenc d'Alba school) and l'Arenal (opposite the neighborhood school).

As Chulvi has detailed, this project - on which he spent months working at municipal level - it will mean zero cost for the Consistory since it is financed with 5 million euros from Next Generation EU funds. The forecast is that they will be finished in June 2026 and will be rented at maximum prices set by the Administration.

From the socialist team, the Edil Montse Villaverde has advanced that they are already being studied other areas of the municipality to allocate them also to the construction of this type of housing.

But it is not the only leg of the PSOE plan in terms of housing. It will also explore how to regulate tourist rentals, a factor that most determines prices. "We are waiting to see what other cities have done to protect the right to housing of the neighbors and also the coexistence and quality of life in Xàbia," said candidate Jose Chulvi.